Build a Website for your Restaurant

It’s time to give your customers to access your restaurant from the comfort of their home, from their cell phones and computers. Wether it is simply to browse the menu while placing an order on the phone for pickup or delivery, or to order online, a website for your restaurant is a must-have.

What platform to build a restaurant website on…

When thinking about the platform to build your website on, there are obviously many choices out there. There are not only many standalone platforms (you pay for hosting, SSL, etc.) to build your restaurant website, but many platforms that offer “all-inclusive” options that include domain, hosting, SSL, among other things.

How to find the right platform for your restaurant website…

When considering the different platforms for your new restaurant website, consider who will be managing the website on a regular basis and their technical abilities. More importantly is having a platform that is easily adaptable to where orders can always be placed and processed without issue. Some important tasks that you could expect to carry out, and should consider how user friendly the process is to carry these tasks out are things like: adding products, removing products, changing pricing, adjusting order details, etc.

Online ordering for your restaurant website…

Accepting various forms of payments, such as Paypal, Amazon Pay, Cash, and virtually all other forms is an attractive option today. Even if you do not offer delivery at your restaurant, offering your customers the option to order online to take-out will increase interest just out of convenience. Offering coupons, special pricing, sales and other tactics can be deployed in real-time to incentivize dining at the restaurant.

Integrating your restaurant website with social media…

Bring your loyal social media followers to your restaurant website so they can browse your menu and have it handy while they call in their next order. Bring your website visitors to your social media channels, and turn them into loyal followers. Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter are among the more-widely used and adapted social media platforms that are being used to share and bring brand awareness for all businesses including restaurants.

The ‘hidden’ benefits of having a restaurant website…

Your restaurant website will act as representation of what your customers can expect when they visit your restaurant, order food for delivery, or pick up their next lunch or dinner meal. Including genuine images of the food, staff, restaurant itself, and customers will build a sense of trust.

As you already know with your brick and mortar location, if you do not have a sign above your door, no one will know who you are. If your phone number is not advertised people will not call. If you do not let customers know you deliver, no one will order for delivery.

Your website serves as a billboard, a loudspeaker and a magnifying glass for your restaurant. Adding content regularly, staying engaged on social media and letting your potential customers know you are waiting for them to arrive will almost convince them they are obligated to come.

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