Working Every Day With Adobe Tools

A Short History of O.W.

My goal, here at Optimized WordPress is to deliver premium website design and development services to all businesses and individuals. With nearly 20 years of experience working in various industries, all essentially revolving around customer service, what you will find is my first and foremost goal is to discover what your needs are and ensure that the creative strategy we build is reflective of you and your business. 

Successful Website Design, to me, is the creation of an inviting and intuitive space where ‘one’ can come to acquire information, goods, services or entertainment. Using creative graphic design and rich, engaging content, Optimized WordPress is able to achieve results beyond expectations.

Knowledge Is Power

Learning everyday. This is one of the weapons in the arsenal… The ability to adapt to the demands of both consumers as well as the “technology gods” to deliver powerful and result focused products and services.

Experience with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software since 1997. Early adapter of WordPress, building my first WordPress Website in 2003. Self-Employed for the past 20 years, nearly, as a Freelance Web Designer/Developer, Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Content Writer, Voice-Over Actor, Video Producer, Post-Production Technician, Digital Marketer and eCommerce Consultant.

Experience is the ultimate form of education. Practice makes perfect, I always say. Even when I am not working on commissioned work. I am always sharpening my skills and working to provide a better service to you!